Re: MHonArc and VMS

1997-11-23 05:00:32
There were two posts about "MHonArc and VMS" on this list recently,
so here my few cents worth on this issue:

It turns out that MHonArc was remarkable easy to port to VMS, thanks to the
excellent job Earl has done in the first place.

A few minor modifications however were needed:

 1. Initially I worked with Perl 5.003 and had some problems with the
    mapping between VMS and UNIX style file names. This seems to be mostly
    resolved with Perl 5.004_04 and all of the following relates to this

 2. VMS doesn't like filenames with 2 dots, like ".mhonarc.db".
    Change in lib/

        ## check for VMS
        $VMS = ($^O=~/vms/i);

        $DBFILE    = $ENV{'M2H_DBFILE'}     || (($MSDOS|$VMS) ? "mhonarc.db": "
        $LOCKFILE  = $ENV{'M2H_LOCKFILE'}   || (($MSDOS|$VMS) ? "mhonarc.lck": 
        $DefRcName = $ENV{'M2H_DEFRCNAME'}  || (($MSDOS|$VMS) ? "mhonarc.rc" : 

 3. The current Perl version doen't support flock, so disable the locking.
    In lib/ simply put a

        if (!$VMS) {

    around the "Create lockfile" section.

If these two mod's are done one can run "perl" and get going.

Note that:

 * The -outdir argument must be specified UNIX style.
 * Avoid any $ in a filename, some interpolation will certainly mess it up.
   It ended up defining a few extra logicals like
        $ define kp3_root kp3$root
   to have $ free absolute pathnames in the usual $-prone VMS environment.

We are using MX (Message Exchange) from Hunter Goatley for our mailing lists.
I have written an essentially trivial Perl filter to convert the MX archive
format to the MH format and setup a batch job to update the MHonArc archive
in a regular fashion.

Walter F.J. Mueller   Mail:  W(_dot_)F(_dot_)J(_dot_)Mueller(_at_)gsi(_dot_)de
GSI,  Abteilung KP3   Phone: +49-6159-71-2766
D-64291 Darmstadt     FAX:   +49-6159-71-2989

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