Re: Splitting mail by month

1997-11-21 13:56:40
I have just such a program, it's actually three scripts.  You can pick
them up at <>, look for the
"sortmail" entry.

Since they are shell scripts with `nawk' embedded, there are some
limitations on the sizes of lists (strings) that can be handled (due
to nawk).  So you might want to first break up the mailbox into
smaller ones of say a few hundred messages each by using the
"decomposemail" script.  (Or you can try it without splitting and see
if it works.) 

"sortmail -h" will give you a help message.  By default, it copies
everything into a subdirectory for safety.  Since I've just finished a
major round of renovating these scripts, you will want to check things
carefully before removing your original mailboxes.  Try it out in a
safe spot (it works relative to your current directory) and see what
it does.  Please let me know if you notice any problems.

My co-worker Yuji Shinozaki forwarded this request to me.  I am not a
member of this list, so any replies that I should read should include
my address in the "To:" or "Cc:" header.


Daniel E. Singer, Systems Administrator
Dept. of Computer Science, Duke University, Durham NC 27708 USA
des(_at_)cs(_dot_)duke(_dot_)edu,, (919)660-6577

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