Re: Splitting mail by month

1997-11-21 02:51:00

i think the most powerfull way to do this is to use procmail ...

when a mail arrives into my mhonarc mailbox, procmail looks for a rc file
in the user's home dir, then performs various sorts. Personnaly, i sort my
mailing list mails by month, i wrote a cronjob to create dirs   every first
day of the month, name for example 1997-09, then, procmail will launch
mhonarc and ouput the result in the correct dir ..

here's my .procmailrc file : 


#MhonArc commands
MHONARC='/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -sort -nodoc -reverse -nofolrefs -nomailto
-thread -treverse -add -quiet -umask
 022 -idxfname index.html'

#MhonArc archive top level

#Date in format 1997-04
DATE=`/bin/date +19%y-%m`

* ^TOhandijob-reserve
  |$MHONARC -rcfile $MHHOME/handijob-r/rcfile -outdir $MHHOME/handijob-r/$DATE

* ^TOhandijob
  |$MHONARC -rcfile $MHHOME/handijob/rcfile -outdir $MHHOME/handijob/$DATE


* ^TOgroupeinternetpdl
  |$MHONARC -rcfile $MHHOME/groupeinternetpdl/rcfile -outdir


it checks the TO field to archive to the correct mailing list and use the
correct mhonarc rcfile, and ouput in the current date dir ..

I also have 1 simple problem, it's in fact more a Html problem : in my main
web page, i have links to the differents month directories, but each new
month, i have to create the new link for all my lists. So, i'd like to know
if any html or javascript expert could learn my have to dynamically do that.


Arnaud Geslin, IHT

email : ageslin(_at_)atlantech(_dot_)fr
web    :
Icq      : 275817

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