Re: Splitting mail by month

1997-11-20 17:12:08

I do have a way of splitting mail by month, but it is quite
a tedious process. Not hard, just a bit annoying.
I don't have the steps to give you yet, let me think the process
through enough to write it down...

Laura I. Tapia

Does anyone have a reliable way of splitting up a huge mailbox into
seperate files by month? I have around 100M of mail for my mailing list
archive and I want to seperate it out by month. I have tried using
procmail to filter on date but I can never get it quite right. Somehow I
have ended up with mail from September 97 in with November and Nov 96 mail
is nowhere to be found and I have become rather annoyed.

Tracy Reed
"Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief.
 They all kill their inspiration, and sing about the grief."

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