Search Engines

1997-12-05 09:30:41

Some time ago, there was some mail about WebGlimpse and
cpu time.

I am looking for a convenient Search Engine to index information
within a dozen of different web sites.

I had already installed HtDig on a test Linux machine to learn
how to tune it. HtDig has quite a lot of implementations including
some famous sites as NASA or Mercedes Benz.

I'd like to know if any of you has some experience of both the
Search Engines: HtDig and WebGlimpse. 
Which one has the lowest cpu overhead for indexing ? 
Which one has the lowest rate of index disk occupation ?

Some HtDig features (so far):
- customization of indexing depth 
- list of URL to include
- list of URL to exclude
- all languages supported
- fine tuning of word's weight

Thanks for the answers,

Take care.
Bernard Frit

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