bug? : Corrupted 'previous' messages

1997-12-17 12:28:24
First - Many thanks to Earl and anyone else who helped put Mhonarc together.

Whenever a new messgage is posted, the message files of the message either 
previously posted, or previous within the current thread becomes corrupted such 
all informationn between the <toplinks> and <botlinks> resources is lost when 
the old messages are rewritten.

mhonarc is being called from a .forward file with the following arguments:

/mhonarc -quiet -add -multipg -news -main -rcfile /product/cardio-alpha/docs/mem
bers/forum/data/main.rc -outdir /product/cardio-alpha/docs/members/forum/data"

I am using somewhat unusual rcfile, however with an archive already established 
this bug appears to happen even when the rcfile argument is not used.

Any clues as to possible fixes would be much appreciated.

(I am not subscribed to this list so please 
ensure replies are CC to me at m(_dot_)j(_dot_)taylor(_at_)elsevier(_dot_)nl)



Matthew Taylor          Elsevier Science Inc,
Web Consultant          655 Ave of Americas,
212 633 3694            NY, NY 10010-5107.

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