Re: Majordomo Digest -> MHonarc?

1998-01-04 22:33:39

   Has anyone come up with a relatively clean method of converting 
majordomo digests to a mailbox format that MHonarc can read?

   I was looking at it, and from what I can see its just a matter of
changing the file so that there is a From <> line at the top of each
message, so that something like:

If you have the procmail package, formail should do it for you.

   formail -ds < digestfile >> newmailbox

It auto-generates the initial 'From ' header.  Unfortunately, it
also leaves the original digest message (probably).  If it's the
first message output, do this:

   formail +1 -ds < digestfile >> newmailbox

This tells formail to skip the first message (the one that came from
list-digest-owner or whatever).


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