Re: Site-Specific Headers/Footers

1998-01-05 08:15:08
I'd like to have a mailing list that's archived with MHonArc 
available from two different web sites.  The twist is that I'd like 
each site's version to contain headers and footers (and corresponding 
web links) specifically for the host site, so that it completely 
integrates within that host site.  All index and message files would 
have host-specific headers and footers.

Is there anyway to just create the archive once, and then substitute 
site-specific headers and footers "on-the-fly"?
The best way to do this should be to use server side include html as
provided by apache httpd server. To this you may introduce comments in  the
html and tell to your httpd server to process thoses specific comments.
This can be for all the server document or just for a those who have a
specific file name suffix (usaually .shtml instead of .html) so to do it
you may allow your server to process «on the fly» all html document, this
may be very expensive for your httpd server.

I didn't find any way to rename all maillist.html, thread.html with 
the ".shtml" suffix using mhonarc because you must also change all
the URLs inside mail and maillist links.

Another solution is to insert frames wich aren't made by mhonarc,
(you can have a look at for 

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