Re: Site-Specific Headers/Footers

1998-01-05 09:04:50
I'd like to have a mailing list that's archived with MHonArc 
available from two different web sites.  The twist is that I'd like 
each site's version to contain headers and footers (and corresponding 
web links) specifically for the host site, so that it completely 
integrates within that host site.  All index and message files would 
have host-specific headers and footers.

Is there anyway to just create the archive once, and then substitute 
site-specific headers and footers "on-the-fly"?

Any ideas and/or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

This is more of a server specific issue -- what kind of web server
do you run?  It either has to allow SSI (Server-Side-Includes) or CGI.
I use the former with this at the front and back of each message:

   <!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/include/lists/perennials/message-header.html"-->
   <!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/include/lists/perennials/message-footer.html"-->

or whatever the list name happens to be.  I then use symbolic links
for domains that link to it, with a different document root for each
domain.  Each document root has its own unique /include directory,
which defines what wraps around the message content.

I also have author-header/footer, subject-header/footer, 
threads-header/footer, and index-header/footer so that each subsection
can have a different appearance if desired.  Usually they're just
symlinks to one master file, though.

The other option is to use CGI scripts to parse your files.  It has
much greater flexibility, allowing you to change content based on
browser type, remote IP, etc. but adds greater overhead.

Mail me privately if you need more in-depth information.


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