How to recreate archive?

1998-01-05 10:13:08
I know this may be rather elementary, but I've just discovered MHonArc   
and am eager to put it to use. I've run into a problem which I hope   
someone can help me with.

I've successfully installed MhonArc on my Win95 machine, and I've run a   
test archive using an mbx file. I'd like to re-run the test using the   
same mbx file. However, though I've deleted the archice, it's db file,   
and its html files, when I run mhonarc from scratch using the same mbx   
file I recieve a "no new messages" message. How can I re-create an   

On a similar note, I also can't seem to add another mbx file (using -add)   
without the same message ("no new messages") appearing; the second mbx   
file does not happen to be MIME encoded, but was created by the same mail   
client as the first mbx file I originally created the test archive with   
(the mbx files are created by NTMail). What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help . . .

Stephen R. Welch
Research Associate & Network Administrator
Council of Graduate Schools

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