printable documentation

1998-01-06 06:02:16

I am very new to MHonArc and I find some of the documentation rough going.

I would like to have a nicely printable form instead of the dozens of
files that the documentation comes in.  (I tried using LaTeX conversion
with the texthtml package, but some of the HTML breaks that).

So, I was wondering if there were any plans to produce the doucmentation
in one piece, or possibly put up a postscript file, so that people
like me can go through it without getting so lost.

What I am trying to do (in the very first instance) is to make the
maillist.html index also include the dates of the messages, which it
doesn't appear to do by default.  I'm sure that I will want to play
with resources more, but I just don't quite get it yet.  A couple
of complete examples (how mhonarc is called, the resource file, and
a sample output) would be very helpful.


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