RE: printable documentation

1998-01-06 13:59:17
From:         Jeffrey 

I am very new to MHonArc and I find some of the documentation rough

I would like to have a nicely printable form instead of the dozens of
files that the documentation comes in.[...]

I can't help with the documentation... I resorted to using netscape to
print it all out page by page....


A couple of complete examples (how mhonarc is called, the resource
file, and
a sample output) would be very helpful.

Check out my MHonArc page at:

It's got links to the my mailing list archive, the resource files used
to create it, several scripts I wrote to post-process the index pages
a cgi script I wrote to get quickly to the last page of a multi-page

I used to invoke MHonArc from procmail, but my sysadmin yelled at me
it's such a resource hog.

I now invoke it from a script in .bash_logout, see annotated script



## mail/etherbun3 is the standard mailbox file where procmail
## deposits list mail

if [ -f mail/etherbun3 ]

   ## lockfile -ml locks my mail spool so no new mail arrives
   ## while I'm processing

   lockfile -ml
   mv mail/etherbun3 tempbun

   ## Now unlock my mail spool

   lockfile -mu

   ## is a perl script that massages Subject: headers
   ## to deal with thing like multiple Re's and other formatting
   ## ugliness. It's output is tempbunf tempbun

   ## Fire up MHonArc

   mhonarc -add -outdir public_html/etherbun \
      -rcfile .mhonarc/ether.rc \

   ## Since the archive is still "experimental" keep all the messages
   ## in a zipped archive in case I want to rebuild it.

   cat tempbunf | gzip >>etherbak.gz

   ## Remove working files

   rm -f tempbun
   rm -f tempbunf

   ## perl scripts to build "directory" pages (see the page above for
   ## explanation      


   echo "No new EtherBun messages to archive"


I hope this helps!


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