Re: Trouble with MHonArc archiving robot and NTMail

1998-01-09 09:03:02
At 03:31 PM 1/8/98 PST, Welch, Stephen R. wrote:
I've been trying to set up a MHonArc robot with NTMail, and have had a   
bit of progress. I've run into more trouble though, and hope someone can   
provide some help.

MHonArc NT users are fairly rare, so I'll take a guess (as a MHonArc Win95
and Linux user).

I'm using MHonArc v1.32 to archive an NTMail v3.02 mailing list, and have   
set up a robot in NTMail to activate MHonArc when new messages arrive.   

Current MHonArc version is 2.1.

I set up the robot to activiate MHonArc on a mailbox, then sent a test   
message to the robot (which is a member of the NTList list I've set up).   
MHonArc successfully archived the messages in the mailbox.

Suggests that you have MHonArc and Perl installed properly.

However, MHonArc will not archive a piped message from standard input --   
it gets as far as creating a mhonarc.lck folder in the output directory,   
but does not archive the message. SMTP does not hang, no closesocket   
errors occur, and other members of the test list receive the message. The   
command line I've entered for the robot is:
perl mhonarc -add -msgsep "^.$" -outdir <archive.dir> -- -

The syntax

     perl mhonarc -add -outdir archive.dir -- -

is correct, omitting the -msgsep which has no effect for a single message.

To separate NT, NTMail, and MHonArc issues, I'd tackle this in the
following order:

1. Is any message actually being fed to MHonarc?  

     Is STDIO redirection available on commands invoked via the "robot", or
do you
     have to use something like

          cmd /c perl mhonarc -add -outdir archive.dir -- -

     to get STDIN redirection?  Check the robot docs.   (The cmd /c part might
     not be correct.  command /c is the shell syntax under Win95 and DOS.)

2. Is the message being fed in a standard SMTP format?  header, blank line,
body ?  Headers are of form "field: value".  Continuation lines for the
value parts
begin with whitespace.

      Capture verbatim a message being fed to MHonArc into a text file, and 
      examine it for format.  If it looks okay, feed it to mhonarc manually

          type captured.msg | perl mhonarc -add -outdir archive.dir -- -

3. Is MHonArc being invoked with the correct options to process the message?

      This seems to be okay so I suspect a problem of type #1 or #2.

-- SP