Re: Trouble with MHonArc archiving robot and NTMail

1998-01-09 14:45:35
The syntax

     perl mhonarc -add -outdir archive.dir -- -

Earl>Actually, for a single message, the "-- -" part should be eliminated.
If not, mhonarc treats stdin as a source of a mailbox (which can
contain separate message and the MSGSEP resource is applicable).

That is very likely the problem.

Should -single be used as in:

    perl mhonarc -add -outdir archive.dir -single

Nope.  -single tells mhonarc to convert a single message independent of
an archive (i.e. -outdir and -add are not-applicable) and the converted
message goes to stdout.  When -add is specified and no input folders
are specified on the command-line, then mhonarc reads from standard
input a single mail message to be added to an archive.