Re: Blank-in-attachment-filename bug? Semicolon bug?

1998-01-29 10:52:46
If an attachment filename contains blanks the generated link contains only th
e first part 
of the filename up to the (first) blank, f.i. in the example shown below only
" FSpec" 
occurs on the html-page. Since the whole filename is doublequoted I think it 
should be 
possible to detect where the filename actually ends. Is this a bug?

MHonArc's extracting of a filename is fairly simplistic.  It does
not deal with spaces in filenames.  The place to look is the
MAILhead_get_disposition routine in  The parameter parsing
is fairly simple.

Sometimes mail attachments sent with Eudora for Mac get a semicolon added to 
their name, 
so that f.i. in the example given below the name becomes "WP3.doc;". Could it
 be that 
somehow the semicolon at the start of the next header line slips into the fil
Maybe this indicates the same bug (?) as above, namely that the quotes delimi
ting the 
file name are ignored. 

In a way, yes.


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