Re: How to auto-insert bookmarks in Thread Index page?

1998-01-29 16:35:54
to follow up on what Welch, Stephen R. said:

I have an alphabetized (by subject heading) thread index page, and would   
like to create bookmarks derived from the first letter of the subject   
heading of a given message. The idea would be to have a navbar at top of   
index with letters of alphabet, and user would select given letter and   
"jump" down to first message which begins with that letter.

Please don't do that.  Alphabetical ordering of the subjects is
fine.  The alphabet as a catalog of what is there is not.  The
letter buckets will be of vastly different size and you get
uniformly no clue as to what subjects are there from just the
initial letter.  You are taking a perfectly good subjectwise
catalog of the messages and hiding it behind a subjectwise opaque
screen.  Why?

List the first subject per letter for letters where there are

How many original threads are there, anyway?  Consider what the
LISTPROC developers have done for subject catalogs.  See

for an example.

Al Gilman

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