How to auto-insert bookmarks in Thread Index page?

1998-01-29 15:48:19
I have an alphabetized (by subject heading) thread index page, and would   
like to create bookmarks derived from the first letter of the subject   
heading of a given message. The idea would be to have a navbar at top of   
index with letters of alphabet, and user would select given letter and   
"jump" down to first message which begins with that letter.

I think it could be fairly straightforward to write a routine that would   
store the first letter of a subject heading into a variable, compare that   
variable with the next message, and on first instance of each letter (A,   
B, C etc.) write the letter to the thread index page as a linked   
bookmark. My question is, being new to PERL, where would I try writing   
such a routine? Which .pl file deals with alphabetizing the thread index   
page? Or can it be done with existing envariables?

Any ideas?

Thanks . . .
Stephen R. Welch
Research Associate & Network Administrator
Council of Graduate Schools

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