RE: How to auto-insert bookmarks in Thread Index page?

1998-01-29 16:35:59
From:         Welch, Stephen R.[SMTP:SWelch(_at_)cgs(_dot_)nche(_dot_)edu]

I have an alphabetized (by subject heading) thread index page, and
like to create bookmarks derived from the first letter of the subject

heading of a given message. The idea would be to have a navbar at top
index with letters of alphabet, and user would select given letter and

"jump" down to first message which begins with that letter.

I've written something vaguely similar...

I have subject (thread), date and author *multipage* indices.

I wrote a series of perl scripts that read all the index
pages of a particular type and emit a separate html "directory" 
page which lists, on one page, each index "entry" and links
directly to the index page where that "entry" starts.

My perl scripts (with other examples) are available on-line at:

The site itself is at:

The scripts that parse out the index page(s) is easy to right, but
the details of picking out the link information depends heavily 
on the exact mark-up you use.

Rather than hacking MHonArc itself, you might just want to do
2 pass post-processing...

the first pass would parse your index and build the html code for
your alphabetical pointer and the second pass would read the index
page again and write it back out with your script inserting the
generated html mark-up at the proper place.

Happily, MHonArc has lots of "placeholders" in the html code to
make it easy to find your place.

Unhappily, your script would have to be run *every* time your index is



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