1998-02-06 17:30:29
At 09:18 AM 2/6/98 -0500, Susan Banks wrote:

"It would be extremely helpful to have a way to send a reply message from
the web site.  Does Mhonarc have any option that allows someone to click on a
message to send a reply to the list?  I noticed that the sender's address
is a
clickable link, but the subject of the message does not get included and the
"reply" goes to the original sender rather than to the list."

Regarding copying the subject into an outgoing message, MHonArc would do
that if there were a standard way to do it.  Unfortunately the standard
"mailto:"; construct that MHonArc uses does not make provision for anything
other than an outgoing address.

I enjoyed this tale about browser-specific approaches to mailto: subjects

-- SP