Wrong number of messages being parsed.

1998-02-10 17:45:56
 When I run mhonarc on a large message archive that I have, the number of
messages being parsed is less than the number reported by Pine. Pine says
that there are 896 messages in the mailbox while mhonarc says that it has
processed only 694. 

I have played with using a strict msgsep resouce as gleaned from the FAQ
but this does not have an effect. 

I have also searched the mailing list archives withoud finding anything

Do you have any insights on this?

Mhonarc 2.1.1
SunOS elvira 5.5.1 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1


OSF1 V3.2 62 alpha

Procmail is used to automatically file messages into folders.

Thanks in advance,

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