Re: MHonArc and VMS

1998-02-16 12:58:06
It turns out that MHonArc was remarkable easy to port to VMS, thanks to the
excellent job Earl has done in the first place.

A few minor modifications however were needed:

 2. VMS doesn't like filenames with 2 dots, like ".mhonarc.db".
    Change in lib/

        ## check for VMS
        $VMS = ($^O=~/vms/i);

This check should be  It should be evaled to avoid version
problems with Perl.

        $DBFILE    = $ENV{'M2H_DBFILE'}     || (($MSDOS|$VMS) ? "mhonarc.db":

Should use "||" instead of "|".  "|" is a bitwise or.

Changes will be part of the next (bug-fix) release.


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