Re: Handling application/octet-stream

1998-02-16 13:20:10
  * MS products lately simly send *all* attachments with a Content-Type of
    application/octet-stream, including HTML and GIF. So the issue isn't
    about getting some MS specific format, like PowerPoint, right, but to
    handle simple HTML text attachments !

  * Some older versions of mailers, PINE for example (!), send .html files
    with a content type of TEXT/PLAIN, at least with their default

To handle that I wrote a little filter, which looks for lines like

  Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="welcometowix.htm"
  Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; name="these_gb.html"

and changes the Content-Type based on the suffix of the file name.

I wonder whether such a mapping shouldn't be included in MHonArc, either

 * as integrated, configurable component
 * or as a filter included in the extras/ directory.

Send it to the list, or even better, provide a URL to your filter.
I be happy to include a link to it from the mhonarc home page.
This is true for anyone who has written a mime filter that can be
of general use to mhonarc users.


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