Re: Cacheing and mhonarc indexes

1998-02-19 18:34:18
At 06:48 PM 2/19/98 +0000, Claire McNab wrote:

Basically, an index page is updated whever the archive is modified, 
but if a user has cached an earlier copy of the index, that won't 
refclect the changes.  So, every time a user looks at the index, 
should he/she reload it?

That sounds like a conservative way.  I suggest putting a header on the
index pages: "Use your browser's reload/refresh command to get the most
recent version of this index."  Doesn't hurt.

Ignorant question to the CGI experts on the list: Would routing an index
through cgi defeat caching?  Seems too simple.

This Perl CGI script:

sends back this MHonArc index from the same server:

The result of the former seems not to be cached by my browser, which I have
set to cache for a session.  The latter is definitely cached here. is something like:


    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    @ARGV[1] = "/servers/true/absolute/directory/to/maillist.html";
    while( <> ) {print;}

-- SP