RE: Cacheing and mhonarc indexes

1998-02-23 11:16:09
On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 dlaliberte(_at_)gte(_dot_)com wrote:

Please don't defeat caches needlessly.  The only reason to use no-cache
is if something changes every time you request it, not just if it
*could* change.

I agree completely.  As you pointed out, caches are sensitive to
last modify dates and will use them wisely.  Things that change
frequently stay in caches for a shorter time.

Defeating caches not only hurts the network as a whole, it hurts
the individual reading the document and the person publishing it most
of all.  So it is more then just a selfish thing to do, it is a stupid
thing to do.

Proper use of caching speeds up the internet for servers, clients, and
everyone else who wants to use the bandwidth you save.

Absolutely.  Caching helps everyone involved.  Don't do anything to
undermine it.


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