Re: note to list moderator

1998-02-23 10:28:18
Would you disable postings from non-members please?  I get enough junk
mail already.  TIA. 

None of us like spam, but I would not go to this extreme (yet).  If
spam messages become a regular occurance, then it should be
considered.  I think only one or two messages that were spam have ever
been targeted to this list since it creation (Dec, 1995).  I am under
the impression that the mhonarc mailing list is an open forum and
restricting it should only be done if other alternatives are
unacceptable and spam becomes a common occurance.

A reasonable restriction that could be applied now is to reject a
message that dones not include 
"mhonarc(_at_)rosat(_dot_)mpe-garching(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de" in
the To: or Cc: fields.  Much spam includes a bogus To: field and the
actual recipient address is not listed in the message header.

Since Achim manages more than on mailing list, maybe he can provide
some ideas on how best to avoid spam but keep the mailing list as open
as possible.


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