Re: note to list moderator

1998-02-24 09:20:17
As someone who runs mail lists for a living, Earl, I have to say this
is like somene saying that just because you smell gas doesn't mean we
need to call the repairman yet. We'll wait until the house blows up and
then have them fix the leak.

  Although I would not use the same analogy, the general idea is still there.

On FLORA we always set up two lists   <listname>  and <listname>-nomail

The -nomail is not a mailing list, but a list of Email addresses that 
want to be able to contribute automatically, but do not want to receive 
Email.  One would put their various Aliases into that list, and put their 
primary email address into the <listname> list.

  On Listserv the equivalent would be to subscribe and set the 'nomail' 
option for aliases when subscribing to a membership-required list.

Note 1:  For Majordomo, people who's email address doesn't appear in 
eithor list would then have that message sent to the moderator.  The 
moderator could then Turf the SPAM, and approve the other messages.

Note 2: To me, checking the From: line for a valid list member is just the 
basic level required for mailing lists.  We are entering into Stage1 of 
the Anti-SPAM stuff.   Eventually we will need to check PGP signatures or 
other authentication as the Spammers get hip and start putting forged 
From: lines in their messages.

 Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <>
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    Light Rail Forum February 26, 1998

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