Re: NT Version?

1998-02-19 17:07:16
I'm curious.  You've associated .pl with perl.exe, and you type to the
command prompt

    drive:\directory\ -outdir somewhere -add stuff.mbx  ...

and that's enough to run mhonarc under NT's command processor?  Does it
search the path so you can leave off the drive:\directory\ part?

Yes.  The only problem I have found is that I/O redirection does
not appear to work.  For example:

    > -single message.822 > message.html

Does nothing.  message.html is created, but it has no data.  The
HTML data vanishes.  Doing

    > -single message.822

does cause the HTML data to be printed to the screen.  But it appears
I cannot capture it.

Mailbox/folder processing appears to work okay.


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