Re: NT Version?

1998-02-19 12:53:20
Is Mhonarc workable on NT?

I've used MHonArc under MS-DOS and Win95 under several Perl interpreters.
Others on the list use it with NT.  Go for it!

For any platform:

    1. You need a working Perl installation first.

    2. Unpack the MHonArc .zip or .tar.gz file into a temporary directory.
          If using the .zip version, preserve the directory structure when

    3. Follow the instructions in the "install" file in the MHonArc
       also present at

    4. Try it out.

    5. After you're confident that you have a working installation, delete
        the temporary directories and files created in 2.

The optional "batch" files in the package for DOS and Windows users are
adequate through Win95.  You may need to rename them for NT's command
interpreter.  If you actually use them with NT, could you please post the
changes needed to this list?

-- enjoy, SP

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