Re: NT Version?

1998-02-19 16:36:32
For NT, I believe one can rename the (installed) version of the
"mhonarc" file to "".  And if .pl has been associated with
the Perl interpreter, you can call directly w/o using
a .bat file.

That capability exists in Win95, WinNT, and Win 3.1, but it has limited use
with console-oriented systems like Perl.  It does not permit passing any
additional arguments on the command line, so it is pretty much useless for

Hmmm.  It appears I can pass options on my system here at work (NT
4.0).  Of course I had to use Command Prompt shell.  The file explorer
does not give you the chance to enter any options.

At the command prompt you of course have something that can handle arguments.

I'm curious.  You've associated .pl with perl.exe, and you type to the
command prompt

    drive:\directory\ -outdir somewhere -add stuff.mbx  ...

and that's enough to run mhonarc under NT's command processor?  Does it
search the path so you can leave off the drive:\directory\ part?

Under Win95's command processor, to get the association to work you'd type:

    start drive:\directory\ -outdir ....

Under Win 95 I use a mhonarc.bat file in a directory on my path.  It contains:

   @echo off
   c:\perl\bin\perl.exe d:/usr/bin/mhonarc %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Then type

    mhonarc -outdir ....

from anywhere just as one would under Unix.

-- SP

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