MHonArc v2.1.2 Release

1998-02-23 18:26:07
MHonArc v2.1.2 is available at the usual place, usual time, usual
channel (  Check the
new ARCHIVE resource page for some alternative uses for MHonArc.

Change summary:


        o  Added the following resources:

                ARCHIVE         Create archive files
                FROMFIELDS      Define fields to extract "FROM"
                USINGLASTPG     Is $LASTPG$ in use

        o  Removed (almost) all uses of $& in code.  Still used
           in for decoding non-ASCII encoded text.

        o  Changed the default value of CHARSETCONVERTS resource.
           The plain, us-ascii, and iso-8859-1 charsets now
           default to main::htmlize.  This provided a significant
           performance improvement when process a large amount of

        o  Moved thread related routines into a file called

           support Perl 5 package qualification in function names
           if a semi-colon is used instead of a colon as the
           list values separator.

        o  Probably some other changes I forgot about.

    Bug Fixes
    Problem:    Documentation of MAILTOURL incorrectly states that
                the $TO$ resource variable is the value of the
                To: message header field.
    Solution:   Fixed documentation to state that $TO$ represents the
                address being hyperlinked.

    Problem:    Attachments saved to files with spaces in filename
                (due to "usename" option set to m2h_external::filter),
                will cause anchors to the attachments in the HTML
                message contain spaces.
    Solution:   Fixed m2h_external::filter to escape special characters
                in the URL linking to the external file.

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      ehood(_at_)medusa(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu      |      Electronic 
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