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1998-03-30 12:04:39
On March, 30 1998 at 9:31, J C Lawrence wrote:

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998 18:28:51 -0600 
Steve Barney<AnimalLib(_at_)vaxa(_dot_)cis(_dot_)uwosh(_dot_)edu> wrote:

Are there any free web/list servers out there which offer, or allow
the use of the mhonarc program?


This reference is wrong.  No where do they mention the usage of
MHonArc, plus they charge if they are to host a mailing list for you.
Personally, I would be upset if someone was making a profit off MHonArc
w/o discussing it with me first.

As to the original question, I believe the person wants the ability to
use MHonArc on a system provided by an ISP (or similiar party) with Web
server priviledges.  The basic answer is if you are allowed to use
Perl, you can use MHonArc by installing it yourself.  You can always
install MHonArc into your own account area (this is how I use it on the
systems I use).  There is no need to have root priviledges.  When you
run, just specify paths under your home directory.  For me,
I put the main script ("mhonarc") in $HOME/bin and the lib files in
$HOME/lib/MHonArc ($HOME represents the pathname to my home
directory).  Skip the installation of the documentation if you have a
disk quota or charged for disk usage.


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