Re: Core Dump

1998-04-08 18:11:44
On April, 8 1998 at 15:30, Bill Silvert wrote:

I get the following error and core dump when trying to create a new
archive of a small spool file:
Any hints on how I go about debugging this problem? I "solved" it by
deleting the message that contained line 1557, but now I get
At least this time I don't get a core dump, and the files seem to get
written OK. However I don't know what this all signifies.

I'm using MHonArc 2.2.0 with perl 5.001 (I know that this is a buggy
version of perl, but it's not my machine). Solaris 5.5 too.

Get a later version of Perl.  Bad free's usually signify a problem
with Perl.  I am using Perl 5.004_04 on solaris 2.5.1 (5.5.1) with
no problems.


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