Re: Where is the resource file?

1998-04-08 18:09:20
On April, 8 1998 at 14:18, candacec wrote:

Hi all! I am trying to install and configure the mhonarc to post product
intros to our internal web site.
I have read a lot of the documentation, and it appears to me that I need
to edit a resource file to customise
the output of the script. But I cannot find it any where! Do I have to
write the files my self? if so how do I  make the rest of the scripts
read them?

You create the resource file yourself.  As mentioned by Al, there
are some example ones in the examples folder of the distribution.
You will also see examples in the various resource pages in the
documentation.  If you scan the mailing list archives, users have
provided pointers to examples.

Work with test data and archives while figuring out what resource
you want to set.  Once you are satisfied, use on your production

PS: I am new to perl .

You do not need to know Perl to create resource files.  They have their
own syntax (as described in the documentation).  However, there is alot
you can do with resource files, and they can get quite complicated.
Just look at the frames.rc example in the examples folder on the
complexity a resource file can have.


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