Re: Sorting physical messages by date.

1998-04-08 18:03:40
On April, 8 1998 at 14:11, J C Lawrence wrote:

I have approximately 18,000 messages in an MH-style folder with the
messages spanning 3 years.  Unfortunately the messages are not in date
order by their filenames.  I would like to sort them into folders
based on the month in their Date: headers and to then archive them via

If you are using MH, you can use the "sortm" command to have it
reorder messages according to date.

Suggestions for methods of approach?

The *apparency* (ie I haven't checked this in the source) is that
given messages with filenames starting from 0 and counting up, MHonArc 
will create msg####.html files with matching #### digit strings (ie
msg0000.html for 0, msg0001.html for 1 etc).  Is this true?


If so I
can just run MHonArc on the whole 18,000 (it works, just takes a
while), and then grep out the msg####.html lines to be able to extract 
the natural date order of the original message files....

Yes? No?

Numbers are assigned in the order the messages are processed, and
not by the specified sort order in use for the main index.  However,
if you do a date sort, you can grep the main index page to see
the date order of the messages (as you mentioned).


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