Re: Problem: index page accumulate

1998-04-10 09:06:05
On April, 10 1998 at 2:7, S P Arif Sahari Wibowo wrote:

I have problem with MHonArc, when a new page added (I set up automatic
addition each time a new email come), MHonArc append a _whole_ main index
(except for the title) to the previous main index page, instead of just
put a link to the new message. 

This problem happens only to main index page, the thread index page and
the additional author index works Ok. 

Any ideas about this?

The main page chould have gotten corrupted.  Delete the file and rerun
mhonarc with the -editidx option to recreate.  Then see if adds
work properly.

Or the more likely scenario is you had an existing file with the same
name as the main index page (even a 0 byte file), but the file was not
initially created by mhonarc.  Hence, mhonarc gets confused trying to
process it since it does not contain the proper comment markers mhonarc

Unlike the generation of thread index pages, mhonarc scans/reads the
existing main index page(s) when updating the main index.  This is done
to support the old HEADER and FOOTER resources.  I believe some users
still use them, so I never bothered to remove support for them.


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