Sorting physical messages by date.

1998-04-08 16:11:32
I have approximately 18,000 messages in an MH-style folder with the
messages spanning 3 years.  Unfortunately the messages are not in date
order by their filenames.  I would like to sort them into folders
based on the month in their Date: headers and to then archive them via

Suggestions for methods of approach?

The *apparency* (ie I haven't checked this in the source) is that
given messages with filenames starting from 0 and counting up, MHonArc 
will create msg####.html files with matching #### digit strings (ie
msg0000.html for 0, msg0001.html for 1 etc).  Is this true?  If so I
can just run MHonArc on the whole 18,000 (it works, just takes a
while), and then grep out the msg####.html lines to be able to extract 
the natural date order of the original message files....

Yes? No?

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