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1998-04-08 18:03:18

I think somebody ask this few months ago, but I cannot find it in the
archive (don't know the right keyword).

I would like to setup an archive where the files is divided by months,
however the files in each month will have links to the previous message in
the same thread in the preceding month.

This will not be the same as indexing the whole archive together, since
the link will only be to the directly preceding month, not the months
before that.

The index page for each month supposely contain only the messages of that
month, although if it cannot be done (the preceding month have to go
along), it will still be Ok. Link from the preceding month to the current
month will be nice.

So, i try to put this more technically: the problem to update (insert new
message) into an mhonarc archive and update the links accordingly while
the existing archive is stored accross two folder. The new message will be
put in the first folder and the indexing will be updating that folder
only, too.

Do you know if this is possible?

Thank you.

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