Ignore In-Reply-To in threads (was private: Mhonarc )

1998-04-14 14:03:26
Can I say Mhonarc not to use the In-Reply-Field and to use the
Subject-Field instead for creating the tread index? Is it possible to turn
that feature off and to use the Subject-Filed?

Why?  If all you want is a subject index, just turn off the generation
of the thread index and use subject sorting for the main index (if you
want date and subject, you will need to use OTHERINDEXES resource).
It seems odd to try to disable one of the major things needed for
creating a thread index.

Although it may seem an arduous task, you may want to read through
the documentation, especially on the "Resources" section.  You will
find out there is alot of options available to you that may provide
the solutions you want.  A FAQ is also provided that maybe of help.


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