mhonarc 2.2.0 archives

1998-04-15 14:29:07
In the near future I will convert all my 2.1.0 mail archives
to 2.2.0 archives with the -editidx option. (It's about 200

During the conversion process there will be a window where
some or all of the archives have been converted to 2.2.0 versions
and the mhonarc program has not yet been switched to version 2.2.0
yet. So in theory mail could be archived with mhonarc 2.1 into
a 2.2.0 archive.

Is this OK or safe?

Or would it be better to 
 1. stop sendmail on the server 
 2. make archive conversion
 3. switch mhonarc program to 2.2.0
 4. start sendmail on server


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