Re: mhonarc 2.2.0 archives

1998-04-16 04:45:49
On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Earl Hood wrote:
Is this OK or safe?

Nope.  v2.2.0 has a different db format (related to MIME filters).
So v2.1 will probably choke on v2.2 archive.

Or would it be better to 
 1. stop sendmail on the server 
 2. make archive conversion
 3. switch mhonarc program to 2.2.0
 4. start sendmail on server

This is probably the safest route.  MTAs trying to connect may
time-out, but should queue the message and re-attempt delivery later.
Sendmail works this way.

I don't see any need to stop sendmail. If your archiving directly from 
/etc/aliases, temporarily change your archive line to something like this:

#archive: "| ... mhonarc -add ... "
archive: "| /bin/cat >> queue-file"

run "newaliases" and then when you get all the remaining to work, 
add your temp "queue-file" to the archive, switch back to the old line in 
/etc/aliases and rebuild the mail alias database with "newaliases" again. 

Jose Lopes

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