Re: mhonarc 2.2.0 archives

1998-04-16 10:18:16
On April, 16 1998 at 10:45, Jose Carlos Lopes wrote:

This is probably the safest route.  MTAs trying to connect may
time-out, but should queue the message and re-attempt delivery later.
Sendmail works this way.

I don't see any need to stop sendmail. If your archiving directly from 
/etc/aliases, temporarily change your archive line to something like this:

#archive: "| ... mhonarc -add ... "
archive: "| /bin/cat >> queue-file"

I believe this is dangerous.  It is up to the called process to perform
any necessary locking to avoid potential data corruption.  Since
/bin/cat does not do file locking (especially since your are using
shell redirection), there is the possibility that "queue-file" can get
screwed up if multiple messages to "archive" arrive at the same time.

If you are to use this technique, make sure to use a delivery program
that can safely do its job.


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