Re: how to change mhonarc's behaviour in qp decoding

1998-04-16 09:51:40
On April, 16 1998 at 8:46, Hasan Karahasan, DJ2xt wrote:

Hi together,
I would like to change mhonarc's behaviour how it decodes quoted
printable. I could use "<nodecodeheads", but i do not want to disable it
completely. I need to change the charackter mapping, because mhonarc
generates wrong german umlauts. It recognizes qp coded umlauts, but it
outputs them as umlauts coded according ibm-437. I would prefere

Huh?  ibm-437?  Could you provide an example?  MHonArc has nothing
in it that involves ibm-437 encoding.  What is your character set
setting for your browser?  What is the character number of the
character in question?

I believe there are other German-speaking based users out there, and I
have not heard anything from them about incorrect characters getting
displayed.  Hopefully, those users can confirm their successful
experiences, and possible provide some extra insight on your problem.

iso-8859-1 umlauts.

It appears you are talking about non-ASCII extensions in message
headers.  By *default*, MHonArc can handle ASCII and the iso-8859
character sets.  For the iso-8859 sets, the 8bit characters are
translated to ISO SGML entity references, with the exception of
iso-8859-1, which is left in raw form since most browsers default to

If your are talking about message data, the above applies, with the
addition that iso-2022-jp is supported.  The text/plain filter will use
the same character set converters that are used in non-ASCII extensions
in message headers.

Is there a way to do that?

What you are talking about has nothing to do with quoted-printable
decoding, but character set conversion.  If you want to customize, or
add to, the character set conversion process, see the CHARSETCONVERTERS
resource. (BTW, if anyone develops useful/general converters, please
contribute them.)

Note, the iso-8859-* character sets all have the same range of bytes
that are not defined: 128-159 decimal.  Hence, if a character appears
in that range, what gets displayed is undefined.  It will depend on the
font set you are using.  iso-8859-* based fonts will probably show a
blank (X11 world) but some font sets (usually on PCs) define there own
set of characters for that range.


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