Re: feedback on public archiving service

1998-04-15 12:57:11
On April, 15 1998 at 10:46, J C Lawrence wrote:

Given the sheer volume of indexed messages (we'll probably pop over
200,000 by next month), there's actually very little index-by-index
browsing.  Instead people tend to search for their topic of interest
and then just follow that thread.  (Thus also the big demand for
search supports as mentioned in another thread here).

Have you looked at using $TSCLICE$ in messages to help your readers?  I
added support for this resource variable in the hopes it may be useful,
but I do not know if anybody is using it.  The sample frames archive at
the MHonArc site uses it.

With $TSCLICE$, readers that are following a thread may not have to
utilize the the thread index while reading the thread since a "window"
of the thread index can be displayed on the message page.