Re: feedback on public archiving service

1998-04-15 12:32:06
On April, 15 1998 at 9:27, J C Lawrence wrote:

If this is referring to the number of messages per page, I disagree.

Yep, its the number of messages per page on the index pages.

The current number of messages per page is plenty for someone with a
28.8 connections.

<shrug> I'll note that I'm offering my MHonArc archives via a 28.8K
dedicated dialup connection.  Browsing them here from work is quite

Depends on patience.  Where I work, we are on a T1, and I would not be
happy having to download a 2000 message index.  That is roughly a 100K
(or more depending on resource settings).  Note, on a usability
stand-point, smaller pages are generally better.  It is easier for the
reader to absorb and navigate.  Large pages can be
intimidating/overwhelming and discourage attentiveness from the

I should note that larger index pages (in multipage indexes) may cause
a little slow-down when MHonArc performs additions to the archive.
MHonArc will only update the pages that need to be updated (which is
usually the last page of the archive).  Updating a page with 100
messages is faster than one with 2000 messages.