Re: Month based archiving using mhonarc?

1998-04-15 12:07:57
On 14 Apr 1998 11:17:18 -0500 
Jason L Tibbitts<tibbs(_at_)hpc(_dot_)uh(_dot_)edu> wrote:

"e" == eric <eric(_at_)cirr(_dot_)com> writes:

For my lists, I use the script that comes with Majordomo
to collect the messages into monthly mbox files, then run MHonArc on
them nightly.  (Actually I run Wilma nightly, which takes care of
running MHonArc and building the Glimpse indexes.)

How heavily is Wilma tied to  I have a large number of
messages in MH folders which I've run thru MHonArc and would now like
to (ie desperately need to) add a strong search feature.  I've no
problem with re-running MHonArc if that's needed.

Is Wilma applicable here?  Would I need to feed the messages from the
folders thru just so I can then feed the resulting MBox to 
Wilma and then MHonArc?

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