Re: Month based archiving using mhonarc?

1998-04-17 22:42:59
Hasan Karahasan, DJ2xt writes:
- Hello eric
- eric(_at_)cirr(_dot_)com meinte neulich zum Thema Month based archiving using 
- > Does anyone have scripts they would care to share that build
- > archives similar to the ones used on the mhonarc archive site?
- I am about to finish a c-program that will do this job for you. I ask
- for your patience for maybe a week or two.
- By the way, I have already a c-program that processes Majordomo archives
- and prepares them to be archived with mhonarc. I am using it to archive
- our mailing list.

        Someone else pointed me at WILMA, which I had planned on
using anyway.  It seems to be doing just what I desire, namely
building the web page archives based on the splitting done by

        Now to start having ``fun'' customizing the mhonarc
generated pages (using the mhonarc configuration files.)

        Many thanks to all that responded,

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