Re: Month based archiving using mhonarc?

1998-04-14 11:17:36
"e" == eric  <eric(_at_)cirr(_dot_)com> writes:

e> Does anyone have scripts they would care to share that build archives
e> similar to the ones used on the mhonarc archive site?

For my lists, I use the script that comes with Majordomo to
collect the messages into monthly mbox files, then run MHonArc on them
nightly.  (Actually I run Wilma nightly, which takes care of running
MHonArc and building the Glimpse indexes.)

You don't have to run Majordomo to use  I archive lists not at
my site using recipes like the following:

*^From (owner-)?censored
        :0 cw :censored.lock
        | /usr/local/lists/majordomo/wrapper -a -m -f

This recipe also deposits the messages in an incoming spool so Gnus can
pick them up.  Adjust to taste.

 - J<