Re: Month based archiving using mhonarc?

1998-04-14 20:07:50
Jason L Tibbitts III writes:
- >>>>> "e" == eric  <eric(_at_)cirr(_dot_)com> writes:
- e> Does anyone have scripts they would care to share that build archives
- e> similar to the ones used on the mhonarc archive site?
- For my lists, I use the script that comes with Majordomo to
- collect the messages into monthly mbox files, then run MHonArc on them
- nightly.  (Actually I run Wilma nightly, which takes care of running
- MHonArc and building the Glimpse indexes.)

        How do you get the top level index page generated? (or
is that something that Wilma does?)

        My plans were to start hacking to do what I
needed, if I was unable to get an existing program.


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