Re: Month based archiving using mhonarc?

1998-04-15 13:49:33
"JCL" == J C Lawrence <claw(_at_)under(_dot_)engr(_dot_)sgi(_dot_)com> 

JCL> How heavily is Wilma tied to

It depends.  All Wilma needs is properly named mbox files.

JCL> I have a large number of messages in MH folders which I've run thru
JCL> MHonArc and would now like to (ie desperately need to) add a strong
JCL> search feature.  I've no problem with re-running MHonArc if that's
JCL> needed.

Wilma is designed as a way to take archives that accumulate in monthly mbox
files, incorporate them and index them.  If you wanted to hack, you could
remove the portions of the wilma_reindex where it builds symlinks to the
archives and incorporates new mail from any changed mbox files since the
last index.  (wilma_reindex isn't very large, so this shouldn't be terribly
difficult.) The rest of the process is running Glimpse over all of the
generated web pages.  The index page doesn't need the mbox files to be
available, although it will provide a link to them if they exist.

 - J<