Re: feedback on public archiving service

1998-04-15 13:32:09
On April, 15 1998 at 11:3, J C Lawrence wrote:

With $TSCLICE$, readers that are following a thread may not have to
utilize the the thread index while reading the thread since a
"window" of the thread index can be displayed on the message page.

Oooo!  No!  Neat. While I'm generally resistant to frames, this
*might* be sufficient excuse.

$TSCLICE$ is independent of frames.

Frames do have the nicety of having the index viewable with the
message, but $TSCLICE$ has nothing to do with frames.  The resource
file (frames.rc) used to create the sample archive is distributed with
MHonArc in the examples directory.  Make sure to get the latest version
of MHonArc.

The effect of $TSCLICE$ can be seen on each message page of the sample
archive at the bottom.  See the TSLICE* resources for more